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At the Knightsbridge Residences, you are given access to large designer convergence areas that effectively multiply the dimensions of your home. With Hyper-sized common areas that serve as "extensions" of your living space, the building is transformed into a true vertical village that nurtures community and interconnectivity among residents.


The main pool of this property befits the 8th wonder of the world. It features a startling regeneration of the Knightsbridge Crown logo made out of BISAZZA's distinctive white gold. This has earned the property a spot In the Philippines’ book of records as the only property to have incorporated the BISAZZA Glass (24 Karat white gold) designed in form of a leaf in their swimming pool.

During the night, the gold majestically glimmers underneath the water in a swimming pool that befits a king or a queen. Additionally, there is a kiddie pool, wading area, and a whirlpool tub spreading across the extensive sun-kissed deck.

Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre at the Knightsbridge is Wimbledon inspired. The residence avowals of a full service highly appointed Fitness Centre complete with dance studio and yoga. Additionally, it also has healthy living exercise facilities where you can get onsite training services just for you and you only.

The residents can work their stress off in the gym. The gym affords privacy at its best as it has separate locker rooms for males and females to freshen up. These locker rooms aren’t your mainstream small congested cubicles. They are brimming with sauna, steam, and whirlpools for the ultimate body relaxation. You can also pick a snack or a simple drink on your way out to recover the lost energy at the gym's reception at an affordable price. That’s totally unheard of right?

Children’s Play Area

You take a sneaky drink while your kid enjoys a blast at the kid’s playroom. The area is created with kids in mind as it is colorful, spacious and full of books, toys, and children activities. You can bring your kids without having to worry about them getting injured or disappearing as this area is safe, secure, and children friendly.


One of the relentless legacies of the British Empire is literacy. And to uphold this legacy the residence has a quiet library with the ideal environment to read and learn.

Recreational Room

A majority of residences tend to forget the adult population when it comes to recreational facilities. Most only offer a swimming pool. This is not an idea embraced at Knightsbridge. The recreational room is meant to spoil you of choices with wonderful activities and keep you engaged. Whether you like to play pool table, card games, or even boards, you are rightfully catered for.

The room also features a conglomerate of world class interiors and comfortable seats.


With the Knightsbridge dwarfing most of the city’s building, it only made sense for the developer to include an observatory. It offers the residents a protracted view of downtown Makati. At the observatory, there is a bar where you can enjoy as the sun fades and welcome the night views. This makes it a blue-chip amenity that can also host an erotic birthday party.


After a hard day at school, your kids need somewhere to unwind. The arcade will give them a quick fix as it is populated by Video games, funky furniture, and flat screen TV’s. You probably won't be babysitting all the day as this room is a loadstone for the youngsters.

Movie Room

You can accompany your kid to the movie room to enjoy their cartoon or Hollywood blockbuster. The movie theater is a stylish and cozy room ideal for a date or family gathering.

Roof Deck

This is probably the epitome of the property. Located above the 64th floor, when you emerge onto the roof deck, you will be astonished by the most magnificent view of your life. The sovereign 360 degrees view allows you to magnify the city and the surrounding cities. You don’t have to slave standing at the deck as it features chairs, tables, a wooden deck and a smoking area giving you a rooftop experience of your time.

If you are looking to propose or have a drink up with your friends, you can reserve the rooftop and have it all by yourself.

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